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Narutalk! In-Depth Naruto Discussion
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Welcome! Narutalk is a community devoted to in-depth discussion of the Naruto anime and manga -- issues such as characterization, theories, timelines, speculation, and other writing about the Naruto world and its people are all welcome here; we hope to become a helpful resource for fanfiction writers wanting to deepen their understanding of canon.

Narutalk! Weekly Topics

Every week here in Narutalk we will choose a particular theme, idea, or question to guide discussion. You're welcome to post about anything else, but it's our hope that the Weekly Topics will help spark ideas for subjects to write about and perhaps inspire people to look a little more closely at an aspect of the Naruto world they hadn't examined before.

This week's Weekly Topic is: Kekkei Genkai, or Bloodline Limits!

So there you have it! Go forth, write, and be merry ;)

Everyone is welcome to post here -- both Weekly Topics related material and anything else that might come into your head -- but we ask that you abide by the following rules:

1. Spoilers, as well as discussion related to sex or explicit material, should go behind a lj-cut. (How to make a lj-cut and other Livejournal tags) Please label the lj-cut with a description of why you're cutting it -- for example, "cut for TMI sex talk", "cut for chapter 285 spoilers", "cut for episode 161 spoilers", "cut for Chuunin Exams spoilers", or the like. Labeling for spoilers of any major story arcs, including ones long finished, is polite but not required; however, spoiler labels and lj-cuts are mandatory for chapters in the current story arc only. Right now this includes chapters 281 and higher.

2. Please conduct discussion in a polite and respectful manner at all times. Flames, personal attacks, and other inflammatory remarks (different from inflammatory opinions!) are not permitted and, depending upon severity of the offense, could earn you an immediate ban. If you disagree with someone, great -- that's what a good discussion is all about -- but please express your disagreement in a calm, respectful manner.

3. Keep on topic. Non Naruto-related posts should go elsewhere, to private communication or perhaps to another LJ community; advertising of RPGs, items for sale, or of any other kind is not permitted. Only discussion posts, intro posts with discussion (see below) and moderator announcements are allowed. Crossposting and reposting of entries posted elsewhere before are okay, as long as they fit our theme of in-depth Naruto discussion and writing.

4. There is no fourth rule. :)

If any of these rules are ever modified or added to, the maintainers will post in the main community to let everyone know. You are responsible for following the up-to-date rules at all times, whether or not you missed any announcements about changes.

Introductory posts are allowed, provided they are on topic -- that is to say that they spark discussion. Here's a form just for that purpose. If you'd like to introduce yourself, please fill out the form and post in the community.

Name: (That'd be yours!)
Means of arrival: (How'd you find this place? Community advertisement, interests search, a friend's journal?)

Discussion fodder
A prediction: (Something you think will happen.)
A theory: (A mostly serious theory you have.)
A crack theory: (However outrageous as you like. You don't even need to take it seriously, maybe it's just a thought you like to entertain.)
A confusion: (Any questions or confusions about the series? A plot contradiction? Something that just seems off?)

Copy and paste the above to a post to fill it out.
Remember to put your answers after the bold tags.

Your maintainers are:


Feel free to contact any of us if you've got a question or problem. That said, go forth and have fun!

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