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Team 7 - Greater than the sum of its parts

Posted by heronite on 2006.04.23 at 14:18
Damn, I see I've missed the NejiHina talk. Ah well.

Someone recommended that I post this here as well. This is my study of team 7.


I. The characters in team 7.
I.1. Naruto in team 7 - fighting for those precious to him, learning the pain of loss
I.2. Sasuke in team 7 - from descent into darkness to shades of grey
I.3. Sakura in team 7 - from a normal teenage girl into a shinobi
I.4. What about Kakashi and Iruka?

II. The cycles of interaction
II.1. Naruto and Sasuke's Humanity cycle.
II.2. Sakura's Protection cycle.
II.3. The cycles of Failure.

III. The scenes!


Team 7 - Greater than the sum of its partsCollapse )

advanced bloodlines

Posted by anarexic_cyborg on 2006.03.12 at 19:47
I was looking around the other day and came across a site that some interesting stuff on the sharingan and the byakugan.

links below.



I emailed the chick that wrote thatand she sent me a draft paper she wrote on the probability of breeding a byakugan and sharingan.

breeding under cutCollapse )


Weekly Topic

Posted by kilerkki on 2006.03.01 at 16:23
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Apologies for the recent quiet here; we understand that many of our members are busy folks (so are we!) but let's start talking, shall we?

This week's topic is Kekkei Genkai. Canon has established several Bloodline Limits (the Sharingan, the Byakugan, and Haku and Kimimaro's unnamed Bloodline Limits) but left open to interpretation how a Bloodline Limit develops or what defines a Bloodline Limit as distinct from a genetics-linked series of jutsu. Are there undefined Bloodline Limits in Konoha, that simply never appear in canon because their traits don't come into play? Is there a reason why Konoha's two canon Bloodline Limits are doujutsu? Why were bearers of the Bloodline Limits so feared after the wars, and was there a similar backlash against kekkei genkai in Konoha?

We eagerly await your speculations, theories, in-depth discussions, essays, and ramblings. Let's see some narutalk-worthy talk!

P.S. This is still your friendly neighborhood mod Ki; I've simply switched journals.

(f) fluffy weapon of destruction

The Hyuuga and Arranged Marriages

Posted by shadows_of_fire on 2006.02.03 at 18:36
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Figured that since no one else was posting, I would.

Arranged marriages are definitely popular among fanfiction writers, especially for those characters who come from a clan. The Hyuuga are especially prone to this according to fanon; I'm not going to discuss that with the exception of saying that arranged marriages within the clan would make sense in order to preserve the bloodline limit. (Someone else should start a discussion for this.)

What I do want to discuss is why Neji is almost always paired with Hinata.Collapse )

How's that for an introductory topic starter?

(not Ki, who is a moderator)

EDIT: Hanabi is seven, five years younger, not five and seven years younger.

(k) thanks dad

Itachi and Root

Posted by shadows_of_fire on 2006.01.25 at 11:18
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To start things off with a kick in the pants:

Uchiha Itachi and spoilers for the most recent manga arcCollapse )

Your thoughts?

ItaSasu - Let me keep this [red]

[Topic Extension]

Posted by kylara on 2006.01.24 at 23:25
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Late on posting again, sorry. :[

Without a single post last week, the topic is being extended. This is my fault, too, because I haven't posted either when I was going to. It looks like everyone's been very busy lately as well. :[

But! I'm writing something now. Though it's a bit rushed and casual, since I need to get back to my research paper. It's mostly in regards to Itachi's own views of his potential, and the revolutionary words he almost got arrested for, and why he's now apparently contradicting himself by being in Akatsuki. I was hoping to post it yesterday along with the notice of the extension, but that obviously didn't happen, and it's certainly not finished tonight either. ^-^; It'll be up sometime over the next couple days, while I'm busy procrastinating.

Feel free to post (on anything!) in the meantime. <3

Itachi - poison [tearspoint]

Weekly Topic #5: Uchiha Itachi

Posted by kylara on 2006.01.16 at 16:13
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Late, as usual, which makes it on time, right?
This week's topic is: Uchiha Itachi

So, what about Itachi? Boy genius, said to have been the best student to have ever attended the Ninja Academy, prodigy heir to the noble Uchiha clan, massacres his entire extended family at the age of thirteen leaving only his baby brother alive. Seriously, what's with this guy? Is he an actual sociopath? Was he driven through pressure and depression to finally snapping? Is there something greater at work behind him?

What's going on with Itachi and Naruto? Anything suspicious with how Itachi hasn't been able to take him yet, or is it entirely coincidental that he's had two chances and it still hasn't happened yet?

And Itachi and Akatsuki? Itachi spoke againt the Uchiha clan for the limits such a group places upon an individual, so then... what's he doing in another group? (This is actually a question asked in the official second data book.)

And what's going on with Itachi and Sasuke? Sasuke had some introspection during his fight with Gaara, in which he says Itachi left him alive so that he wouldn't feel guilty for killing the entire clan. Guilt? :O Is Sasuke alive to kill Itachi and in a sense "atone" for his sins, or is there another reason? Do any brotherly feelings remain?

We've also had some foreshadowing concerning Itachi's eyesight. How will this effect the future? How will this effect Sasuke's revenge?

So discuss away!

Modly Note: After discussing this with duelist, the comment feature has been removed from this post. We want you guys to make new posts with your ideas and interpretations, which would encourage more in-depth discussion. Some great things have been said in the past couple weeks in the topic posts, but I think if they'd been said in their own posts then more members would have seen them and there would've been more discussion. The point: Make new posts!

Sasori avant-garde [imbelossien]

Weekly Topic #3: Kabuto

Posted by kylara on 2006.01.01 at 18:10
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After a lot of thinking for a whole minute and thirty seconds, I've decided this week's topic: Kabuto. Also, please remember spoiler warnings for anything in the current arc of the manga.

Kabuto is one of the more interesting side characters, partly for the mystery, and party for the running gag Kishimoto seems to have with making us question his loyalties. It's happened a few times already, when Orochimaru practically questions Kabuto himself before Kabuto goes off to kidnap Sasuke, which more looks like Kabuto was about to murder him instead. And again when Tsunade is about to heal Oro-sama's arms and he intervenes, only for us to discover Tsunade was about to kill Orochimaru instead of heal him. And ever time it happens, we get all excited about it. And every time so far, Kabuto has apparently stayed by Orochimaru's side. But I don't think I'll ever stop questioning Kabuto's true intentions.

So what about Kabuto? What about his past? How was he raised to such a good medical-ninja when he joined Konoha at such a young age and yet did nothing as a genin there? What about his parents, his past loyalties before he was adopted? What were his relationships with the Sound Five? His opinions on others? On Sasuke? What will his place be at the end of the series? Anything you can think about Kabuto, as in-depth as you like.


[Edit] The are spoilers in the comments of this post.

(k) shocked!Obito

Sunagakure: Shukaku

Posted by shadows_of_fire on 2005.12.31 at 16:02
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Continuing with the theme of Sunagakure, let's discuss Gaara's bijuu!

Canon gives us some contradictory information about Shukaku. Gaara tells Naruto and Shikamaru that the demon inside him is the evil spirit of a priest of the sand, which was imprisoned in a tea pot before it was put into him. However, we also know that Shukaku is the one-tailed bijuu, a tanuki which seems to exercise power over wind and sand, and that it was put in several unlucky Sand shinobi before the technique was finally "perfected" with Gaara. Gaara's birth required his mother's death. Was the death of his mother a required element in the binding technique, or simply an unhappy byproduct of having a demon spirit inserted in her unborn child? Which version of Shukaku's origin is true? Or was the evil priest perhaps the first demon-vessel, meaning that Gaara simply didn't know the story well enough to explain it?

What are your theories for what the Akatsuki will do with the bijuu, and how Gaara will cope with the loss of his most formidable source of power? We see that he still maintains some control over sand; to what degree, and how?

Let's hear what you think!

More sharingan

Posted by anarexic_cyborg on 2005.12.21 at 15:17
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spoilers from mangaCollapse )

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